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Yes, back-to-school is just around the corner! Young and old alike will soon be back in the classroom, ready to learn new things. But until then, it’s important to make sure they have the essentials for a successful back-to-school!

For elementary school children

Utility, comfort and color are all on the agenda for back-to-school!

Because children are always on the move, and will be doing so repeatedly in class, there’s nothing better than sports sneakers! Whatever the brand, the most important thing is that your child is comfortable and stylish in these shoes. Don’t forget that white soles are very popular with schools.

A must-have for both home and school? Colored pencils. Whether it’s for craft projects, surprises for loved ones or even just for homework: colored pencils are perfect for embellishing your projects. Various options are even available, from wood crayons to wax crayons to felt-tip pens. A visit to your Thibo boutique or Uniprix Lyse Beaulieu and Stéphane Séguin pharmacy is a great way to stock up.

It’s the new trend and we can’t pass it up! Fancy labels have it all! They’re perfect for indicating allergies in lunchboxes, identifying aprons or even your child’s clothes! You can’t do without them for school supplies.

For the family’s teen

Is your teen starting out on the great adventure of high school, or picking up where he or she left off? The notebook is a must for back-to-school. Find the perfect design to match his or her personality and add fun to the school year by visiting your Thibo boutique or Uniprix pharmacy Lyse Beaulieu and Stéphane Séguin at Place du Centre.

Combine this choice with washable and reusable lunch equipment. From utensil sets to sandwich bags, cute placemats and trendy lunch boxes, this eco-friendly shift will enhance their environment.

Where there’s teen, there’s techno! Opt for headphones for homework, leisure activities or teamwork. Bonus: your teen will listen to his or her own music, and you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet you need to relax after a hard day’s work! Place du Centre’s Thibo boutique offers a great selection and expert advice to help you make the best choice.

For CEGEP and university

Whether you’re in college or university, you’ll have different needs and expectations, so make the most of it and invest in a quality, fashionable computer bag to carry all your course material. Visit Thibo at Place du Centre to discover their laptop and computer bags selection!

Despite an early start in the morning, don’t forget your coffee or tea to keep you going until noon! Buy a beautiful reusable isothermal mug to keep it hot: a real investment. Not a fan of hot drinks? Hydration is still important: an isothermal water bottle will meet your needs. Your Uniprix Lyse Beaulieu and Stéphane Séguin pharmacy and Thibo boutique offer a wide range of reusable mugs, cups and bottles to suit all tastes.

The back-to-school season brings a lot of new things, at every level! You might as well have the essentials on hand to take away a layer of stress. Happy back-to-school!

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