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Just like the leaves on the trees, the colours of this fall are appearing in our stores. Opt for this season’s trends and make them your own, with a personal touch that’s sure to be unforgettable.


Orange is all the rage this fall, and not just for Halloween! Burnt, dapper or pale, orange appears in all its spectrum. A true aspiration for joy, this vitamin-packed appeal is sure to brighten everyone’s complexion. An orange sweater, a loose-fitting shirt or even orange pants are the perfect way to bring fall into your wardrobe!


Whether you decide to wear it in small touches or all over, bright red is a must-have this season. Goodbye dull fall, hello fiery red. A crumpled wrap dress, a jacket or even a wool vest in red will add colour to your daily routine. For those less comfortable with the flashy aspect of the colour, burgundy can easily be adopted.

Add some red to your cosmetics kit by visiting Uniprix Lyse Beaulieu et Stéphane Séguin. Want to go with vibrant accessories? Visit La Mode Chic!


Chick yellow, mustard yellow, eggshell yellow, bright yellow: all these yellows are welcome in the fall 2023 trends. Yellow will add a healthy dose of sunshine while highlighting your figure in your wardrobe. Wear this colour with confidence to counter the gray days. A bomber jacket, a warm-weather yellow dress and a tunic or tee will complete your look perfectly.


Perfect for all situations: at work or at home, it’s both professional and comfortable. Without ever being dull or bland, gray is a colour for everyone that’s easy to adopt and add to our wardrobe. Timeless, gray is always at your service with a blazer for a professional look, pants for a polished look or a comfortable sweater.

Find this timeless classic at La Mode Chic, in technology or office accessories at Thibo or in cosmetics and accessories at Uniprix!


Brown? Absolutely! This colour is making a comeback this fall. A little darker than beige, but paler than black, chocolate brown offers a warmth that can’t be denied. An earthy colour, it’s easy to warm up your style with brown, as simply as with a simple cardigan. We love: the brown sculpting maxi skirt, dungarees, semi-fitted pants and especially the unique tank tops that can be found almost everywhere.

Whether you wear these trendy colours individually or collectively, you’re sure to get something out of them. And for the meteoric rise thanks to the Barbie movie, this color can easily be added to your wardrobe for a little extra punch. Happy shopping!

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